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Giants Athletics

Bishop Brady High School


Giants Athletics

Bishop Brady High School

Giants Athletics

Bishop Brady High School

Giants Athletics

Bishop Brady High School

About Brady Athletics

Welcome to Giants Country

Welcome to giants country!

Athletics is an integral part of education and complements our greater mission at Bishop Brady. Lessons of commitment, teamwork, tenacity and overcoming adversity are advanced on our courts and fields. It is in the heat of competition that our student-athletes experience great life lessons. These lessons go beyond the x's and o's and into the heart of each competitor as they develop into people of strong character.  


The Brady Athletic Department acknowledges the following order of priorities in our school:

  • God and family
  • academics
  • athletics

When this order is followed, it gives student-athletes the opportunity to be balanced spiritually, learnedly, physically, emotionally and mentally.


Based on our philosophy, our athletic department and team goals are:

  • Excellence - programs focused on excellence and are well managed and well executed
  • Success - reaching maximum potential both individually and as a team
  • Learning - we will emphasize the individual goal of Academic All-State to all of our students; being a great student and a great athlete is a difficult task, an admirable goal and a worthy accomplishment
  • Sportsmanship - it is our desire that our athletic community - coaches, players and parents - participate in such a way that honors God and conveys a positive witness to those around us, and we will be modest in victory and gracious in defeat; winning on the scoreboard should be one of our goals, but losing can many times present beneficial learning opportunities


Member of the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association (NHIAA)


Depending on the sport, Brady teams compete in NHIAA Division I, II or III

Fall sports

  • Boys Soccer (Div III)
  • Girls Soccer (Div III)
  • Football  (Div III)
  • Field Hockey  (Div III)
  • Golf (Div. II)
  • Cross Country (Div III)

Winter sports

  • Boys Basketball (Div II)
  • Girls Basketball (Div. II)
  • Boys Hockey (Div. I)
  • Girls Hockey (Div. I)
  • Alpine Skiing (Div III)
  • Nordic Skiing (Div. IV)
  • Swimming & Diving (Div. II)
  • Indoor Track (Div. II)

Spring sports

  • Baseball (Div III)
  • Softball  (Div III)
  • Boys Lacrosse  (Div III)
  • Girls Lacrosse  Div III)
  • Boys Tennis (Div. II)
  • Girls Tennis (Div. II)
  • Track and Field  (Div III)

Team schedules and rosters are located at:



Bishop Brady
Athletic Director

 Mrs Annie Mattarazzo        

Contact Information:

25 Columbus Ave.

Concord, NH 03301


telephone: 224-7418 x 277